Mineral Guides by Susan Robinson

Any rock-hound hunting in the Keweenaw should look into the informational pamphlets and books by Susan Robinson.  As the wife of George Robinson, the former curator of the A.E. Seaman mineral museum, Susan is not only a brilliant artist but also a rock-hound.  Over the years she has created a series of illustrated mineral guides for both the beaches and the mine piles in the U.P.  Her Mineral Identification Guide is excellent for anyone looking to traverse the poor rock piles.  For those wishing to walk the beaches her book “Is this an Agate” identifies the most common stones you’ll see beneath your feet and on the shore line, as well as uncommon stones like agate and jasper.  All of Susan’s guides and books include beautiful illustrations (Susan’s own artwork) that are often better for identification purposes than photographs.  Below is a list of Susan’s books/pamphlets along with their retail prices.  All the rock shops in the U.P., including Mageia, sell some or all of Susan’s books.

“Is this an Agate” $7.95

“Mineral Identification Guide for the Copper Countries Poor-Rock Piles” $1.75

“Lake Superior Gems” $1.75